The Center For Garden State Families

who we are

Our mission is to protect and
promote faith, freedom and the natural family, in culture and public policy, as held by the traditional
Christian worldview.

Gregory Quinlan

Founder, President

We're a family advocacy organization with:

5 areas of Focus

First Liberties

Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, The Right of Assembly, Redress of Grievances, Opposing the alleged special rights of sexual minorities (LGBT).


First liberties mean nothing if you are dead. Abortion: All life has value, from conception till natural death. End of Life: Assisted Suicide. Caring for the “terminally ill.” Stop the funding with tax dollars of abortion and assisted suicide.


Education is dependent upon Parental Rights and Education Choice.


In the Garden State taxes are oppressive. These taxes are destroying property rights, family stability, and the present and future security of the individual citizen.

Second Amendment

The right of self-defense.

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Recent News & Updates

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