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How Public School Education is Weaponizing Your Children.

nj school choice only way to stop government overreach

How Public School Education is Weaponizing Your Children. 

The public schools in the State of New Jersey are a broken system and the only real solution is for the money to follow the child.  In other words, school choice. This is the only way to stop the government from using your tax dollars to weaponize your children against you. 

As you may know, 2021 brought about the most drastic and radical changes to the New Jersey State Learning Standards (NJSLS). These standards are the basis for all curriculum, instruction and assessments throughout the state.  Make no mistake in thinking, “not in my town”.  Every public school teacher and administrator is expected to be certified by the State of NJ, and therefore subject to the New Jersey Department of Education’s rules and regulations.  These rules and regulations include use of the NJSLS. Therefore, regardless of how your school district might try to spin it, their use of the standards is mandatory and will be reflected in your child’s daily lessons, whether you choose to believe it or not. 

Who approves these learning standards you ask?  Good question.  The State Board of Education is made up of elected educators charged with the task of ensuring checks and balances when it comes to the content our children will learn in our public schools, correct? Wrong!  Unlike many other states, the NJ State Board of Education is made up of members who are appointed by the Governor of NJ-  a radical, left wing….. Since I am a Christian woman, I will stop there.  It is well documented that the three state board members who opposed the controversial health and sex education standards are in the process of being replaced with members who will readily conform to the agenda. So, feel free to finish my statement the way you see fit. 

“Why?” you ask. What is the agenda of the New Jersey public schools? The global elites – a group that the current governor of NJ does rub elbows with, knows that there is a great deal of money to be made in healthcare and in other industries through the hyper-sexualization and dysfunction of children.  In order to do this, there must be an intentional force to drive a wedge between family and child, demonize traditional values, call them intolerant, and coerce children into believing they have a right to be anything they can dream up. There is no better place to plant the seed of suggestion than in the privacy of the classroom. This agenda was set in motion long ago and we are witnessing the effects of that plan in the inexplicable rise of transgenderism, furries and other oddities. Under the guise of “teaching tolerance and acceptance of all”, children are prematurely exposed to topics they are not developmentally ready for.  Exposing a child to sexual material and alternative lifestyles before they are developmentally ready is nothing short of child grooming— a crime punishable by our justice system. 

According to the American Bar Association, grooming a child can take place in person, via the internet or in an institutional setting in order to:   

Manipulate the perceptions of other adults around the child, and to manipulate the child into becoming a co-operating participant which reduces the likelihood of a disclosure and increases the likelihood that a child will repeatedly return to the offender.

Grooming behaviors include discussing sexually explicit information under the guise of education and showing the child sexually explicit images.

The Federal Enticement Statute

The federal enticement statute targets the sexual grooming of minors as well as the actual sexual exploitation of them. The statute’s focus is on the intended effect on the minor rather than the defendant’s intent to engage in sexual activity. As such, section 2422(b), does not require a defendant to demonstrate an intent to actually engage in illegal sexual activity with a minor; rather, a defendant violates § 2422(b) by merely attempting to persuade a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity.

As you can see grooming has become such a regular part of our public school system that it’s normalized and even celebrated by educators. If you think that is far-fetched, you should know that the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) used its annual convention (November 2022) to promote educators bringing Drag Queen Story Hour to kindergarteners throughout the State of NJ. Yes- this really happened. (See the photo taken directly from These sex performers give way to lessons where certified teachers are telling children that it is possible that they were born in the wrong body, giving them permission to decide if they want to be something else or even called by a different name. Your children are told that they can confide in their teachers, that school is a safe space that will keep their secret and protect them from the wrath of the true sanity of their parents. When you’re five and your teacher shows you how to read and do basic math, has the power to give you extra time on the Chromebook, and tells you that you can be a non-binary unicorn, it is natural you are going to believe whatever comes out of his or her mouth. 

NJEA 2022 State Convention Drag Queen Story Hour

Your child might identify as the sex they were born with from the time they enter kindergarten to the time they graduate but they will not come away from this new government education system unscathed. The indoctrination is real and it is fueled by the need to prop up the healthcare system, support a larger agenda and leverage the failure of other systems.  If you have not seen it already, you will see the normalization of these atrocities will negatively impact and essentially break down every part of our culture as we know it. 

Friends, our children are our most precious gift. They hold the future in their hearts and in their minds. Their minds are malleable and shaped by the love we give them just as much as they are vulnerable to the attacks of predators. It is your duty to protect your children; it is our duty to protect all children.  To turn a blind eye at this point is negligence.  We need every NJ resident to express outrage and demand better.  The time for educational reform is now. 

Our fight for absolute school choice ensures our tax dollars aren’t being weaponized against us.   Absolute school choice would allow parents to use the funds (that are already designated by the State of NJ to educate their children) towards the educational institution(s) of their choice.   The task ahead of us is beyond awareness. It requires the involvement of all parents, tax-paying citizens, and businesses, making it absolutely necessary and urgent. 

What do we do- what’s next? 

First and foremost, we need to unite in an organized manner.  The Center for Garden State Families and Synergy Education Initiative are petitioning and gathering signatures in support of school choice.

Click on the NJ for School Choice petition and find out more about the New Jersey for School Choice Education Summit 2023. 

Mrs. Mariesa Grado B.A, M.A. is an Educational Consultant with over 20 years of experience in education.