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Can New Jersey Education – Public Schools Be Saved?

public school indoctrination new jersey

Can Public Schools Be Saved?

What can we say about the American education system today that isn’t controversial, debatable, or shrouded in mystery? 

Subject areas like Math, Reading, and Writing have been replaced by convoluted content areas littered with subjective content. Kindergarten Math is beyond comprehension to the layperson, course names are no longer recognizable and the content is questionable at best. 

It’s no secret that academic achievement is no longer a top priority in our public schools.  Instead of addressing learning loss, the social emotional health, and well-being of our children has been touted as most important.  Moreover, we are told that these issues are best addressed at school and that teachers know better than parents.  The sad truth is that most parents have trusted the education system to a fault.  We have traded in the rights to our children for ease and convenience.  We have become a society of drop off, pick up parents, with so most being completely unaware of what goes on in the 7-9 hours our children spend at school daily.  In our ignorance, we have become an easy target for those with an agenda.  And, now that their cover is blown, it has become painfully obvious that the problem is beyond repair.  As a result, we are witnessing a mass exodus of teachers and students from public schools.  Those who cannot afford private school and may not have the capability to homeschool remain stuck in the system.  With our hands tied behind our backs, we put our most precious and treasured children on school buses en route to camps that mold and shape minds to believe race divides us, the white man oppresses, that the God-fearing Christian is a bigot and heterosexuals are homophobic.   

The passive strategies that were used to teach children to question traditional values are now an all-out attack on Judeo -Christian beliefs.  There is a strategic plan to shame children into believing that only bigots believe the bible is truth.  Groupthink is used to push radical gender ideology, masked by terms like inclusion and social and emotional well-being.   

It is well known that the takeover of a nation begins with the indoctrination of its children. Sexualizing our children in the name of diversity is truly an attack on this country to that end. The American education system does not represent the worldview, yet we are made to believe it is. Most of us would agree that it has become overtly obvious that our government has an agenda contrary to the American people.  When our public schools have become government schools, what can we say about the future of our children? 

The government continues to assert its authority over our children through administrative laws that aim to divide parents from their children, hide information and force their agenda. Federal law states that parents have rights pertaining to what their children learn in public schools. Yet, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is appalled that parents would even question the high and mighty educators of this great state.  In response, they have made it clear that parental involvement and their questions will be met with fire and fury. And now, with Governor Murphy’s “truth ministry” in place, rest assured that your traditional values will be deemed “fake news” by the administration’s fact-checkers. 

The question remains, “can public schools be saved”? The truth is that the public schools will only be saved when they are shaken and humbled. There is one road out and it’s called School Choice.  The time for parents to come together, and stand firm on our rights and our values is long overdue.  Change will come when we make it clear that our tax dollars will not be used to fund a system that is broken beyond repair.  There are many of us who have silently withdrawn, choosing to send our children to educational institutions that welcome parental involvement and respect our beliefs.  Remaining silent is no longer an option.  When school tax dollars follow the child, public schools will enter into the realm of the free market.  When competition becomes a reality, accountability will inevitably follow. Only then, when public schools remember that they are accountable to the students and families they serve, will they have a fighting chance to earn back the trust of the American people.   

The time for absolute school choice is now!

Mrs. Mariesa Grado MA is an Educational Consultant with over 20 years of experience in education. 

public school indoctrination new jersey