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New Jersey Public School Students Endangered with Transgender Legislation

Your Calls & Emails are Needed to Prevent This Legislation

This Thursday, May 18, the New Jersey Senate Education Committee will hear S3067, a bill introduced by Sen. Ruiz and Sen. Vitale; “requires the Commissioner of Education to develop guidelines for school districts regarding transgender students.

Transgenderism is a mental illness. World renowned psychologist Dr. Paul McHugh and Dr. Lawrence Mayer of John Hopkins University Hospital & Medical Center stated: “The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings — the idea that people are ‘born that way’ — is not supported by scientific evidence.” (You can view the executive summary here)

S3067 is particularly troubling in three sections:

  • Section (7) providing a transgender student with the same opportunities to participate in physical education as other students, and permitting the student to participate in physical education in accordance with the student’s gender identity;

  • Section (8) permitting a transgender student to participate in gender-segregated school activities in accordance with the student’s gender identity;

  • Section (9) use of restrooms and locker rooms, including not requiring a transgender student to use a restroom or locker room that conflicts with the student’s gender identity, and providing reasonable alternative arrangements if needed to ensure a student’s safety and comfort;

Forcing mixed gender use of locker rooms and public restrooms is a safety hazard. Permitting a “transgender” student to participate in gender segregated school activities provides an unfair advantage to male student athletes. Throughout the U.S., male students are participating in sports that were deliberately segregated for female students. These male students are winning competitions solely because their God-given physiology permits them to excel in certain athletic events. This is patently unfair to the female students and creates an emotionally, psychological and physically unsafe environment for opposite sex students participating in sporting events.


Call, email and write the members of the New Jersey Senate Education Committee and express your concerns regarding the dangers to children in New Jersey public schools posed by this bill:

Sen. Teresa Ruiz
Sen. Shirley Turner
Sen. Diane Allen
Sen. James Beach
Sen. Michael Doherty

The New Jersey legislature’s obsession with the LGBTQ agenda is a threat to the liberties and safety of everyone in the Garden State. The Center for Garden State Families believes it is the upcoming election for the Senators and the money that come from homosexual activists and their supporters that is driving these dangerous policy initiatives.