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Does the NJ State BOE Care What Parents & Taxpayers Think? Part One

An inside view of the NJ BOE hearings By Christopher Jimenez  On September 6, I traveled to Trenton hoping to receive answers from the NJ Board of Education. This was…

new jersey schools indoctrination
State School Board Erases Equality

NJ State Board of Education has some explaining to do! Editors note: Please respond to the survey at the bottom of this email. August 2, 2023, the State of New Jersey…

Pope Francis Bishop of Rome
Catholic Conservatism and Pope Francis: Natural Law and the Pope

Editors note: The Center for Garden State Families Board of Directors is a good cross-section of Christianity. We have Roman Catholic and Quaker. We have Reformed and Pentecostal. We have Calvinist…

Destroying The Innocence of Candy

Marijuana for Sale to Minors as Snacks The Center for Garden State Families wants to alert you of a dangerous threat to your children.  Don’t let your child be a victim…