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URGENT NJ Department of Education Eliminates Genders, Drops Equality, Adds CRT Tomorrow!!!!


massive mandatory social engineering list in New Jersey Government Schools Garden State Families
Massive Mandatory Social Engineering List in New Jersey’s Government Schools

“When is there time to teach necessary academics when the woke mob has taken over every aspect of taxpayer-funded public education?”   – Anonymous New Jersey public schoolteacher According to the New Jersey…

Pope Francis Bishop of Rome
Catholic Conservatism and Pope Francis: Natural Law and the Pope

Editors note: The Center for Garden State Families Board of Directors is a good cross-section of Christianity. We have Roman Catholic and Quaker. We have Reformed and Pentecostal. We have Calvinist…

“Teachers in England will have to tell parents if children question their gender.”

New Jersey continues to keep parents in the dark. In a July 17 article published by British news site The Guardian, teachers will be mandated to tell parents when their child is…

No one is born gay - no gay gene
July: Ex-Gay Pride Month

You heard it here first. July 2023 is hereby declared the first national Ex-Gay Pride month. What a perfect time to celebrate independence from disordered and debilitating same-sex attraction than…

parental rights
Upholding Parental Rights:  The Legal Battle Over Hanover Township’s Policy 8463

Hanover Township Public Schools Serving the Communities of Whippany and Cedar Knolls, New Jersey May 23, 2023 Angela Reading The Hanover Township Board of Education is currently embroiled in a legal…

Rachel weeping for her children...Matthew 2:18
The Holy Innocents – Then and Now

After experiencing the joy of Christmas Day on December 25, we experience the horror of the Bible passage of December 28 when we are reminded of King Herod’s order to…

YOU STILL CAN DO SOMETHING even if the A4372 passed

TAKE ACTION CALL to ACTION STOP PHONY “ELECTION TRANSPARENCY ACT” A4372 Vote was March 30 – YOU CAN STILL STOP THIS..STAY TUNED.. What’s Happening: Final Assembly VoteSince last June, the Governor…

indoctrination - A Nation in Crisis
A Nation in Crisis

EDITORS NOTE: The tragic shooting at Covenant School, Covenant Presbyterian Church, in Nashville, Tennessee is rooted in the reckless teaching of gender ideology. Gender ideology is a religion, a faith-based assumption.…

school indoctrination new jersey children
Parent files Suit Against Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

The Center for Garden State Families continues our coverage of North Hanover parent, Angela Reading. Below is the press release from the Thomas More Society regarding the lawsuit filed IN THE…