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DANGER: Arrests of 16 Preying on Your Children through the Social Media and Tech.

HACKENSACK — A New Jersey police officer and a New York City high school teacher were among the 16 suspects arrested during a sting operation that targeted men who were using social media apps to meet underage boys and girls for sex.

The suspects in Operation Home Alone had made contact with who they thought were children but were actually undercover police officers, state prosecutors said Wednesday. They were arrested when they arrived to meet at a house in Bergen County, officials said.

Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, Deputy Speaker (D) LD27, Maplewood, speaks at the breakfast reception in support of A878/S540 The Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act which deals directly with the problems of Tech and its access by predators and human traffickers to our children.

Human Trafficking in NJ is a major problem and Our Children are the Target.

We are a portal state with a very diverse population. Everyone in NJ looks like they belong here. No one necessarily sticks out based on how they look.

This is a major factor in making the Garden State vulnerable to Human Trafficking. Additionally, New Jersey is the eleventh most populated state and a major transportation hub with several seaports and a major airport. To top it off, we are positioned between the largest metropolitan area in the United States, New York City, and Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in the country.

The Garden State is the eleventh most populated state and is very vulnerable to Human Trafficking.

Because of these factors Human SEX Traffickers are targeting your children. New Jersey children. These monsters use algorithms to spy on your children in social media. They know when your child is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and all the other social media apps. They know when your daughter and your sons have had a fight with their boyfriend or girlfriend, or when they had an argument with you, when they get bullied, flunk a test, lose a game or get kicked off the team. They find your babies in a vulnerable place, and that’s when then they make their move. They use social media to open communication with your children. Computers, smart phones, and tablets can all be hacked. The Chromebook issued to your child in school has minimal filtering. These same devices are where your child can view the most violent pornography imaginable, perhaps even of trafficked children being exploited and raped repeatably. Because of the social media world we live in today, our children are more vulnerable than ever. Most children who are trafficked are trapped between 11 and 13 years old.

Join with us to protect and defend our children from from sexual predators.