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Did you know? PART 3: Health Learning Standards.

Did you know…

  • That around June 3, 2020, New Sex Education Learning Standards were adopted in NJ by The Department of Education and The NJ State Board of Education strongly advocated by New Jersey’s Frist Lady Tammy Murphy?

  • Of the thirteen State Board of Education Members, only four voted against the standards – Andrew J. Mulvihill, Mary Beth Berry, Jack Fornaro, and Mary Elizabeth Gazi?

Did you know…

  • That oral and anal sex are defined in the lessons in the curriculum for 8th graders?

  • That Health Learning Standards after Grade Five is: “All individuals should feel welcome and included regardless of their gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation”?

  • That Health Learning Standards after Grade Eight are: “There are factors that contribute to making healthy decisions about sex”?

  • That a Health Learning Standard after Grade Twelve is: “There are state and federal laws which provide access to sexual health care services for minors and to protect minors from unhealthy sexual situations”?

  • That there are definitions of sexually related vocabulary included in the Department of Education Glossary from June, 2020 and that these are available to the public?

  • That some of these vocabulary words are “sexual health care services”?

Would you want to know…

  • If the “sexual health care services” discussed in the curriculum include abortion clinics?

  • If students are being told of the emotional and physical consequences of an abortion?

  • If students are being informed of alternative facilities to abortion such as pregnancy care centers?

  • if students are being informed of the significant health risks and life expectancy reduction as a result of homosexual activity?

  • The specifics of what is being taught in the sex ed curriculum and at what grade?

Did you know…

  • That parents CAN OPT OUT of the New Sex Education Learning Standards curriculum with no negative consequences for their children?

  • You can attend a School Board meeting and express your opinion about these Learning Standards?

  • That you as a parent and/or taxpayer, have the right to attend in person any class on any subject with notice to the school administration?

The general statements in the Health Learning Standards do not highlight the specifics contained in the lessons which are being taught. The philosophy of these standards completely covers all things sexual, whether this teaching is age appropriate or whether or not it matches the value system of the parents or guardians.


  1. Ask for a copy of your school’s health curriculum.

  2. Seek an appointment to observe a health lesson of your choice discussing sexuality for your child’s grade. This is your right.

  3. Attend Board of Education meetings and express your opinion about the learning standards.

  4. Ask what the procedure is to opt out of this curriculum (an opt out form is on our website for your use:

  5. Think about what parental rights have been violated and when was input on this curriculum allowed.

  6. Please inform us of your interactions with education officials.

  7. Tell your children to inform you of what is going on in the classroom.

  8. Tell your children to inform you if any school employee tells your child not to tell their parents about the content of any lesson.