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Does the NJ State BOE Care What Parents & Taxpayers Think? Part Two

An inside view of the NJ BOE hearings 

By Gregory Quinlan

On September 6, I traveled to Trenton hoping to receive answers from the NJ Board of Education. This was my first opportunity to speak to them face-to-face. I am deeply troubled by the decision they made on August 2 regarding  Chapter 7 of the  NJ Administrative Code, Managing for Equality and Equity in Education, with controversial updates directed by Governor Murphy. The original purpose of the chapter is to ensure that all students, regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. are provided equal access to educational programs and services by all NJ government school districts and boards of education. The revisions they approved are an affront to reality.

Here’s what happened:

I arrived a few minutes late and when I went into the building I was told by a hostile and terse woman wearing an employee badge that the room was full!  I explained to her that I was registered to testify and had a copy of my confirmation email with my reservation number with me. She repeated “The room is full”, to which I said I have a documented reservation right here”, showing her my confirmation email. All this was going on with the protest outside of about 3 to 1 concerned parents to Garden State Equality extremists.

My persistence paid off and I was allowed to go in. Then at the registration table,  they couldn’t find my name on the registration list. I pointed my name out to her. It was between the P’s and the Rs and it was the only “Q” on the list.  “Oh yes, there you are.”

I walked into the room which had at least a dozen empty seats. I was puzzled as I was told the room was full?!

The testimony had begun. I was looking to see who I knew that I might be able to sit beside. I found someone in front who was waving at me. Pnina Mintz is from Cherry Hill, NJ, with No Left Turn in Education NJ.

It wasn’t long before I was asked to testify. Here is my testimony as presented to the New Jersey State Board of Education.

State Board Of Education Public Testimony

Gregory Quinlan

Confirmation Number: 366596

I’m Rev. Gregory Quinlan, founder and president of the Center for Garden State Families, a Christian family advocacy organization here in New Jersey.

Personally, my story is one of being sexually exploited at 10 years of age. I understand the consequences and the harm that early childhood sexualization has on a young child. For 10 years of my life, I was an out and open homosexual and what many would consider a gay activist. I am a nurse, retired. I watched a hundred of my friends and acquaintances die of AIDS before I quit counting.

My sexual identity is Ex-Gay. My pronouns are biologic. There is such a thing as biology, there is such a thing as settled replicated science. The settled science is evident in that there are only two genders, male and female. No one is born LGBTQIA-XYZ+++. No one. “There are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biologic etiology for homosexuality” or anything in the alphabet soup of identities. American Psychiatric Association 2000.

In August of 2019 the Ganna Study, GWAS (genome-wide association study) was released. This study sampled 477,000 human genomes and was done on three continents, with hundreds of researchers, many of whom identified as LGBTQIA-XYZ+++. The conclusion of the study was emphatic and clear, “There is no single gay gene.” There is no cluster of genes. There is no biological evidence, zero, showing any biologic link to the alphabet soup identities. This dangerous and extreme contagion that is being pushed politically by the entire Democratic Party apparatus is a lie. It is a developmental gender identity disorder. Developed not innate, acquired not inborn.

My topics of parental rights and taxpayer oversight. You are an unelected body appointed by the governor. The conclusion that many of us draw from your actions from a majority of you, is that you do the Gov.’s bidding. You are his rubber stamp. You keep getting invited to Murphy cocktail parties and get a Christmas card from Tammy Murphy. But our conclusions go further. I conclude, as well as many that I know do, that the majority of you have no moral foundation. You are without the character to respect humanity as a whole and understand the damage you are doing to children.

Before I go any further, it must be said, thank you to those BoE members who had the courage, ethics, and moral fortitude to defend and protect children in the sanctity of the family. The majority of my remarks are to address the damage and the arrogance of the majority.

Just a few weeks ago, a majority of you voted to erase male and female. You erased equality, a fundamental foundational constitutional principle of our Republic. You replaced equality with equity, a fundamental tenet of Marxism.

It just goes to show, for some of you who are very educated, that education is not a guarantee of competence or the understanding of outcomes and consequences.

The majority of this board has put children in danger for quite a long time. The Sex Education Standards for New Jersey Government Schools are a threat to the safety of all children and families and the inalienable inherent God-given rights of parents. 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards – Comprehensive Health and Physical Education mentally and sexually exploited children. Those of you who voted for the standards and voted for the changes to Chapter 7 are guilty of the sexual exploitation of children. You are guilty of mental and emotional abuse of children in the New Jersey Government schools. 

You are puppets of the Murphy administration! Murderous Murphy and his wife, Anal Sex Murphy, have an agenda that is extremely dangerous to families and children. Tammy Murphy lobbied the school board and the Department of Education to put anal sex in the eighth-grade curriculum. And the majority of you went along with it. That makes the majority of you guilty of the sexual exploitation of the child. In that eighth-grade curriculum, there are drugs. Yes, drugs. PEP and Prep are drugs that are alleged to prevent HIV infection. They are drugs that require a prescription and repeated ongoing lab tests. Are the majority of you receiving some sort of compensation from the pharmacological industrial complex?

The recent Monmouth University poll makes it very clear that the citizens of New Jersey, by an aggregate of 77%, demand parents be informed of what’s happening to their children in the schools that they pay for with their tax dollars! 

Yet the majority on this board continues to sexually exploit children, disrespect the family unit, and disrespect parents, regardless of how those parents identify. 

This violence has to stop. It is violence and has long-term consequences for the future of the people that it affects. These people are little boys and little girls. It doesn’t matter that they are 17 years old, they are still children.

You can and have the authority and the administrative right to undo much of what you have done. It is abundantly clear that you are on the wrong side of reality, the majority of you.

I urge you to do the right thing and reverse the changes you made to Chapter 7. Consider, please consider the damage your decisions are doing to our little ones, our babies, and our children. 

Stop enabling this agenda. The alphabet soup agenda, the trans-agenda. There is nothing about this agenda that is good for any person. There is no science to support it. Advancing this agenda is anti-science. All of this is a faith-based assumption, a religion that is being endorsed by the government of New Jersey with your votes stamped in approval.

Do the right thing. Stop this madness. Reverse their decisions. And if you’re unable to do any of that, then resign immediately. You are a threat to everyone’s future, particularly babies.


Rev. Gregory Quinlan


Center for Garden State Families

When I mentioned Tammy Murphy and her anal sex agenda, gasps in the room came from those associated with the NJEA a.k.a. The New Jersey Exploitation Association and the League of Women Voters. They were in the minority of those who testified that day.

We were told in an email we had five minutes to testify. I was cut off at three minutes and 10 seconds by the timekeeper wearing a facemask that looked like a Halloween duck’s beak. I got to the part about the drugs being pushed on our children in eighth grade when I was told my time was up.

Another bizarre thing that happened from the NJEA teachers. One African-American woman sitting right over my left shoulder shouted out while someone else was testifying referring to children as children yelling; “Human, why don’t you call them human?” She was immediately chastised by the chair of the meeting. I looked over my shoulder and looked at her and said “Why don’t we let those humans be children?” She gave me a smirk.

What was supposed to be a two-hour meeting went on for three hours. We have no indication from any member of the New Jersey State Board of Education how they will respond to the testimony or if they have decided to revisit the vote to amend Chapter 7.

Make your voice heard. Email the State Board of Education at 


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Your donation is tax-deductible. We are your voice in Trenton and in Washington DC. Help us promote and protect Faith, Freedom, and the Natural Family.

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