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Parental Rights vs. Transgender Ideology

The last 30 days have been intense. There has been an overwhelming barrage of meetings, policy changes, and protests not just in New Jersey but also all over the country, spilling over into Canada. Our team here at the Center for Garden State Families could be at a local Board of Education, parental rights meeting, pro-life rally, or some other event every day of the week. 

Parental rights are being challenged all over the United States and the world. The simultaneous battle is destructive and includes every alternative lifestyle and sexuality. But there is nothing more destructive than transgender ideology.

Here in New Jersey, there are hospitals and medical centers competing with one another for transgender-affirming therapy treatments, including sex reassignment surgery. Planned Parenthood has a new revenue stream with puberty blockers. The industry of death and destruction continues with the help of our education system. Not to mention the aggressive lawfare attacks by Gov. Murphy and his Atty. Gen. Matthew Platkin. 

Over the last several months it would seem that the party in power has come to realize that this attack on the family, declaring war on parents and suing local boards of education, is backfiring.

An earth-shattering poll from Monmouth University showed an aggregate of 77% of respondents believed middle and high schools should notify parents if a student requests to be identified as a different gender than what’s on the school registration. Even in so-called blue New Jersey, parental rights are highly favored.

Gossip inside political circles says that the New Jersey Democratic Party has done its own polling. And it apparently has scared the donkey to death. 

In an article published Monday, September 25, two state Democratic senators are deeply concerned about having to defend a law they voted for in 2017. 

‘”I think the lawsuits are a terrible way of trying to enforce a law that I voted for,” said state Sen. Joe Lagana, D-Bergen, referring to the 2017 law requiring schools to protect the confidentiality of transgender students. The State Board of Education guidance that was established by that law — Policy No. 5756, which requires school officials to accept the student’s gender identification without notifying their parents — is now at the center of the dispute.’

“I don’t think it’s good policy for any state agency to be getting involved in school districts and what they’re doing,” said state Sen. Vin Gopal, D-Monmouth, the Jersey Shore Democrat who is facing a tough reelection challenge in the 11th Legislative District.

Apparently, neither Sen. Joe Lagana nor Sen. Vin Gopal considered any consequences of a bill that literally is designed to keep secrets from parents to hide life-altering and generally irreversible consequences to the physical body of their child.

Hanover school district in Morris County is being sued by Phil Murphy’s Atty. Gen. Matt Platkin, due to the Hanover Board of Education, amending the policy to require parental notification. In a second court hearing in the Superior Court of Morris County, the Hanover Board of Education discovered that policy 5756 is not considered a mandate but is merely guidance. Hanover Board of Education called an emergency meeting on September 11, 2023, and voted to remove policy number 5756 completely. The Board of Education’s bylaws require two consecutive votes to remove a policy. The next vote is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, September 26. Colts Neck Board of Education and Monmouth County decided last week to follow Hanover’s example and voted to repeal policy 5756 completely. There are now rumblings across the state from Roxbury Township in Morris County to school districts down to the Delaware Bay considering a complete repeal of 5756.

This is good news. No government, no school system, has the right to keep secrets from parents regarding their children. Policies like this must be met head-on and must be eliminated!

The Center for Garden State Families urges every concerned citizen and taxpayer to show up to Memorial Junior School, 61 Highland Ave, Whippany, NJ., at 7:30 pm! Arrive early. 


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and, other pro-abortion Representatives are working with Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups to try to pass another radical bill, A4350/S2918, which will expand abortion even further in New Jersey by the end of this legislative session.  This is especially egregious since New Jersey is already one of the worst states when it comes to abortion!  A recent Marist poll demonstrates that a majority of NJ citizens want limits on abortion and do not support NJ’s extreme abortion laws, now this bill will go even further!  

Our Working Together Coalition has scheduled several protests near and around legislators’ offices to educate the public about these shameful attempts to use taxpayer money to make NJ an abortion sanctuary state.   Please mark your calendar for the dates listed above and please plan to join us at these protests to speak for the children who have no voice, but ours. 

Spread the word and please bring friends and family.

The first protest is scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the public sidewalk outside Senator Vin Gopal’s office. Senator Gopal is a prime sponsor of A4350/S2918.  His address is listed below:

Friday, September 29, 2023
Time: 11 to 1 
On the public thoroughfare at 1 Carlough Drive, (near the intersection of Rts. 4 and 17), Paramus, NJ

Friday, October 6, 2023
Time: 11 to 1 
On the public thoroughfare outside the Somerset County Courthouse, 20 North Bridge Street, Somerville, NJ

Friday, October 20, 2023
Time: 11 to 1 
On the public thoroughfare outside Bill Sponsor Sen Vin Gopal’s office
804 West Park Avenue, Ocean Township, NJ

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