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The Center for Garden State Families is now presenting a new series of brief “Did you know?” articles regarding education for NJ citizens that is of particular interest to NJ parents. The series will address:

  • The 2018 LGBT and Disabilities Law

  • The 2020 New Sex Education Learning Standards adopted in NJ by The Department of Education and The NJ State Board of Education

  • Comprehensive Sex Education

  • SIECUS – Sex Ed for Social Change

The first in this series is addressed in particular to parents of public-school students.

Did you know…

  • A NJ law passed in 2018 (LGBT and Disabilities Law) which mandates that all students beginning in middle school receive instruction about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as part of the NJ Student Learning Standards? (Title 18A of NJ Statutes C.18A:35-4.35 and 36, N.J.S.A. 18A:35-4.35)

  • This law states that policies and procedures shall be put into place in the selection of instructional materials which are inclusive?

  • This law mandates that the instructional materials portray the political, economic, and social contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people?

  • Per this law, instruction has been piloted even prior to COVID-19 in at least 12 plus NJ public school systems?

  • This law takes effect during the 2020-21 school year?

Did you know…

  • That there is an accompanying set of modules suggested for use to implement this law that was not written or approved of by the Department of Education (DOE)?

  • That the accompanying set of modules suggested for use to implement the law was written by Garden State Equality, NJ’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization?

  • That the content of and people highlighted in the Garden State Equality modules are not presented in one single course or set of courses, but rather presented and interspersed throughout every subject area of every grade from middle school through high school?

  • That the Department of Education (DOE) has not approved the Garden State Equality’s modules?

  • That the State Board of Education and the DOE do not have a copy of Garden State Equality’s entire set of modules because the State Board of Education and the DOE did not write the curriculum nor approve of it?

  • That each individual school district can write their own curriculum to implement this law after learning standards are written by the State Board of Education?

  • That our research found no organization advocating for people with disabilities was used for the development of the law’s curriculum?

Did you know…

  • That there is NO recourse to opt out of this mandated instruction?

  • That lists of inclusive LGBTQ friendly textbook companies will be “recommended” by the state?

  • Who is writing the Disabled/LGBTQ curriculum for your district?

  • Are you using the textbook companies suggested by The Department of Education?

  • (If a curriculum was written) May I please have a copy of the Disabled/LGBTQ curriculum that the district is using?

  • How can parents opt out of this curriculum?

  • Where can parents comment and object to this emphasis on the sexuality of social contributors?

  • Where can parents comment and object to this attack on religious freedom?

  • Where can parents comment and object to this government overreach into parental rights?

  • What is the cost in teaching time out of the day and for teacher preparation and training to implement this curriculum?

  • What is the financial cost to the taxpayer for teacher training, textbooks, materials, technology, speakers, etc?

  • How will educational mastery of this material be measured and reported?

Consider attending Board of Education meetings and running for your local board to advocate for your child.

Senator Loretta Weinberg and Senator M. Teresa Ruiz were co-sponsors in the Senate in 2018. 1569_I1.PDF (


ALERT! Nothing Changes Until YOU Get Involved.

The Center for Garden State Families continues its series which intends to inform NJ citizens of crucial education-related issues which affect the family. WE are hearing many, complaints, concerns, and dangerous propaganda that actually exploit children sexually and promote unscientific agendas. Will you respond?

Did you know…?

  • That local Boards of Education must implement the NJ Learning Standards which are written after any educational mandate is passed?
  • That many decisions related to the learning standards can be somewhat adjusted for each school district by the majority vote of the board of education members?
  • That parents and taxpayers have a legal right to view the curriculum and textbooks their school district is using?
  • That board of education positions frequently go unfilled due to a lack of candidates and incumbents win by default?
  • That the process is relatively simple to run for any board of education seat in NJ?
  • That there is a toolkit available outlining everything needing to be done to run for a board of education? Becoming A School Board Member: Candidate Kit – New Jersey School Boards Association (
  • That the deadline for running for a board of education seat in NJ is July 26, 2021?