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Exploiting Children and “Banning” Books

Some of the material in this article will be disturbing and difficult to read. The Center for Garden State Families feels the parents and people of New Jersey must understand what is taking place in the schools for which you are taxed so heavily to maintain.

On most Tuesday nights, I am generally at a school board meeting somewhere in New Jersey. Some are close by within a 30-minute drive and others are as far as two hours plus. The Center for Garden State Families receives requests every week to represent families at local Board of Education meetings because they fear that if they testify against the radical woke policies potentially being adopted across the state, they will be harassed. Their children will be bullied and harassed at school. That concern is valid. In multiple school districts around the state and around the nation, some administrators, teachers, staff, and yes, even a child’s fellow students harass and bully the child of a parent because that parent opposes policies at their local school board. I often say “Those who demand tolerance the most possess it the least!” 

On Tuesday, January 30 several parents and community leaders from North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School requested that I attend and respond to an issue regarding the school librarian and her interaction with students. My testimony is toward the bottom of this article, starting at 47 minutes 19 seconds.

School librarian Martha Hixson is an active member of the not-family-friendly American Library Association. Hixson formed “Right to Read”, which, according to our friends at Chaos and Control, “Right to Read is code for the right to view and consume explicit sexual material in a public school library encouraged by your librarian. The video below is from the 1 January 2024 Board of Education meeting at North Hunterdon – Voorhees Board of Education. Hixson rallied her Marxist troops. Most parents don’t know that the American Library Association is not your friend. On the contrary, the American Library Association, in our humble opinion, should actually be named the American Licentious Association. To sum up, the policy of the ALA is any material at any time, regardless of age, without consent. After all, all information is appropriate and educational, right? Speaking plainly, anyone with half a brain knows that information should be age-appropriate, and should have an actual academic purpose. Education is supposed to equip a child to become an adult and function in the workplace. But education in America, especially under the influence of the large and well-funded “Education Industrial Complex” of New Jersey, is a Marxist indoctrination of political, social, and sexual propaganda and information. (The Education Industrial Complex is an article coming next month).

Let’s Talk About It is a book available in the taxpayer-funded school library at North Hunterdon–Voorhees Regional High School where Martha Hixson is the librarian. Courageous parent Eric Licwinko testified regarding the content of this book back in November 2023. Click on the picture above to hear his testimony. 


The book just doesn’t have graphic images of people having sex, shoving buttplugs up their rectum, and up close and personal images of how to masturbate.  There also includes text that encourages kids to seek out porn and also provides “HOW TO instruction on”:

Inserting things into your rectum

Taking the right naked pictures for sexting

Where to find kink

Engaging strangers online for sex

All of these instructions can lead to serious problems, including spending some time in jail for child porn, evening emergency room visits for the items you shoved up your butthole, and a meet-up with the wrong online stranger who murders you and stuffs you in the back of his trunk. How often do we have to tell our children NOT to engage with anyone online? Meanwhile, this book gives instructions encouraging kids to do the exact opposite.

You can find a full interview with this awesome dad on Rumble. You will also get some insight into the librarian Martha Hickson.

Martha is no stranger to controversy. She has won several awards in the past for her activism including the 2022 Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity in recognition of her “energy and bravery in the face of … persistent and ongoing hostility.” Her “work” has been featured in School Library Journal, Booklist, KnowledgeQuest, the American Library Association Intellectual Freedom Blog, NJEA Review, and School Librarian’s Workshop. She has been a presenter at conferences and webinars.

The books that Martha fights to keep in your child’s school library can’t be shared uncensored on Substack, Facebook, Youtube, or TikTok because you will get a strike or even be banned for sharing genitals, buttocks, showing or implying sexual activity, or showing female nipples, unless breastfeeding. Martha won an award for keeping “Fun Home” in the library. Here’s a censored excerpt below. Clearly providing kids with how to erotic images of oral sex is OK if it’s gay.

Your children have access to this material, and you have no right to know if your child checked out the book according to the American Library Association. Nearly every school district in New Jersey is a dues-paying member of the American Library Association. Yes, your tax dollars are paying your school to sexually exploit and groom your child. 

The video below of Martha Hixson is disturbing enough, but there is also a slide show “The Challenge of Book Challenges” which is a playbook on how to keep sexually explicit materials in your library, written by Martha Hickson and her librarian pals. The download is below Hixson’s picture.

Click on the picture to view Hixson’s YouTube.



ACLU of NJ did a spotlight on Martha on November 2023 boasting about her network of “Freedom fighters” in North Hunterdon-Voorhees and claiming librarians are victims of “soft censorship” when they remove books from the library. Just maybe they had a struggle with their own conscious and decided that sharing books that encourage minors to share naked pictures of themselves may not be the best for kids, especially knowing that minors can face criminal charges for sexting.

She is currently running around doing the podcast and newspaper circuit trying to muster up positive influence for her cause. She will NEVER include the images and passages that parents are concerned about, a completely disingenuous way to engage the public.

Martha Hixson’s followers were composed of ACLU, NJEA, and several LGBTQIA – XYZ+++ organizations. The pro-parent, pro-academic education, concerned citizens protecting children from sexual exploitation were outnumbered two to one. What I saw was a room filled with groomed children. Many of the children identified as part of the alphabet soup, read or articulated their prepared scripts to the board. 

All these children have been and are being sexually exploited and indoctrinated into a lifestyle that has zero scientific evidence of a biological cause. Despite their twisted theories, there remain no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biologic etiology for homosexuality or anything in the alphabet soup of sexual identities.

Below are my three-minute remarks before the school board. 

It’s time for absolute school choice in the state of New Jersey!

It’s time for all parents, all taxpayers to become concerned and get involved!

Chaos and Control and the Hunterdon County project contributed heavily to this article.