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New Jersey Mom Faces Official Intimidation from the Military and a Local Police Chief

The following information comes from our friends at Jersey Conservative and the blog Chaos and Control.

How radicalized is the American military? Well, if the story is any indication, corners of the military have been deeply radicalized by the faith-based ideology of Wokeism.

The blog Chaos and Control, which can be found on Substack,  has again uncovered the degree to which a bizarre corruption and disregard for the Bill of Rights now accompanies the push to forcibly proselytize the Woke faith to New Jersey schoolchildren. We will let Chaos and Control  take the story from here:

For the past two years, parents have witnessed New Jersey schools going overboard in the name of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” When the schools start decorating the entrance of the local elementary school with children’s art that displays the virtues of being “POLYSEXUAL”, you know things have gone too far.

Last week we reported on “safe space” posters project, displayed in the main entrance of the North Hanover Township Elementary School District, celebrating all different definitions of “sexuality”, drawn by the 4th to 6th graders. This is surprising coming from, North Hanover, a conservative\military town with Republican legislatures. Mom and BOE member Angela Reading alerted parents on Facebook as to what was transpiring in the school hallway.

Suddenly our United States military became heavily entangled in the scandal. A high-ranking official, Lieut. Col. Christopher Shilling, stated that the joint base (Maguire, Fort Dix and Lakehurst) leadership is now working with local law enforcement to ensure the “safety” of the entire community.

North Hanover School District -grooming children

Lieut. Col. Shilling seems to imply Angela Reading has endangered the entire community by being a concerned parent\whistleblower and informing parents as to what is being displayed in the entranceway of the elementary school. Many parents, who have learned about the inappropriate posters created by the fourth – sixth graders, have posted to Facebook because it is so alarming.

It’s shocking that an active military Lieut. Col. is so heavily involved with the police that he is able to speak as an official regarding the investigation and threats to Angela.

How much influence does the Joint Military Base have over the local police in North Hanover? How closely are they working together to investigate citizens that use their freedom of speech? And what would possess Lieut. Col. to reveal the grade\classroom of Angela’s minor child on Facebook if he is busy keeping the community “safe”?

Additionally, Lieut. Col. Shilling is putting a target on the back of Angela and her minor child by speaking on behalf of the military, against her and revealing the grade of her child. This incompetent action made by a military official concerned Angela Reading so much that she pulled her children from school yesterday with no plans to return. She feels as though Lieut. Col. Shilling has now endangered all kids in North Hanover Township with his reckless and aggressive behavior.

If he was really concerned about the community and the children, then why is he going after a mother and her child so harshly online? If law enforcement and members of the military were concerned with the attention Angela brought to the district by sharing the posters, why would a high-ranking military official bring more negative attention to the district and go directly after a district parent?

Jason Stamp, shared a petition in support of Angela’s freedom of speech and supports her right to alert the community to the inappropriate sexualization of children in the school. Lieut. Col. Christopher Shilling, goes after Angela again, trying to discredit her. He also shared a petition that calls Angela an “Extremist,” making it clear that he is against her freedom of speech and wants people to sign a petition to silence her.

Parents tried to correct Lieut. Col. Schilling’s misunderstanding of the situation, with no success.

After releasing official “joint investigation information”, attacking Angela Reading in multiple posts, then sharing a petition against her, Lieut. Col. Shilling decided to change the name of his Facebook account to “Chris Topfer.”

Is it possible that he is using his prestigious position in the military to intimidate Angela Reading and other parents to hide the child sexualization that is occurring in New Jersey public schools?

Why would he do this?

Well, on his LinkedIn, he has his (he/him) pronouns, which suggests that his attack on Angela’s freedom of speech and his “concern for the citizens” is politically motivated.

Recently Shilling deleted his LinkedIn.

Maybe Lieut. Col. Shilling should also consider deleting his entire Facebook account instead of just changing his name.

Is the military now targeting moms who use a First Amendment right to speak out on matters of public and political concern regarding their kids?

Apparently, the military contacted the local police chief who also got involved. The controversy made its way into national news…

Why are men with guns coming after a New Jersey mom who exercised her right to comment on the education of her child? Does the Bill of Rights still exist in the Biden – Murphy paradigm?

Under Pres. George W. Bush, the military was given the power to torture (without trial) those he considered to be enemies. Now, under Pres. Joe Biden, and apparently has leave to bully and intimidate the mothers of American children.

Before the military sees its public support collapse (and with it, support for its bloated budgets) maybe they will remember the words of civil rights pioneer and author Lillian Smith:

“It is his millions of relationships that will give man his humanity…  It is not our ideological rights that are important but the quality of our relationships with each other, with all men, with knowledge and art and God that count.

The civil rights movement is done a magnificent job but it is now faced with the ancient choice between good and evil, between love for all men and lust for a group’s power.”

“Every group on earth that is put ideology before human relations is failed; always disaster and bitterness and bloodshed of come. This movement, too, may fail. If it does, it will be because it aroused in men more hate than love, more concern for their own group then for all people, more lust for power than compassion for human need.”

“We must avoid the trap of totalism which lures a man into thinking there is only one way, one answer, one option, and that others must be forced into this One Way, and forced into it Now.”

“We are in a strange period of history in which a revolutionary has to be a patriot and a patriot has to be a revolutionary.”  George Orwell

Reprinted by Permission from Jersey Conservative.