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Schools Shocking Alliance with the Military to Muzzle a Mom

nj teacher exposed for indoctrinating children

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;

fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Proverbs 1:7 ESV

Schools Shocking Alliance with the Military to Muzzle a Mom

The Center for Garden State Families republished an article (see here) fromChaos and Controllast December regarding a mother and school board member being harassed and threatened by the local school board, local police, and shockingly, the United States military at Joint Maguire – Dix – Lakehurst Military Base. This outlandish obvious attack on the civil rights and free speech of a concerned voting parent boggles the mind. However, it appears this is the new reality under the new secular humanist woke religion and all of its various denominations. Angela Reading has now obtained legal representation through the Thomas More Society, a national public interest law firm (more coming on that next week). The plot thickens. Below is more information from our friends at Chaos and Control.

In December, Chaos and Control uncovered a nefarious partnership between the military and North Hanover police, with a sinister goal of silencing a mother who spoke out on Facebook about the obscene posters displayed in her district’s Upper Elementary School.

Further investigation in February uncovered a disturbing truth – this was not simply the actions of one rogue military personnel and police chief, but rather a concerted effort orchestrated by a consortium of powerful organizations. The United States Army, Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, the New Jersey State Police, and the County Prosecutor’s office were all complicit in this reprehensible attempt to intimidate and silence to silence a mother.

Just when you thought this story couldn’t get any more shocking, new Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”) documents shed light on its dark origins. The conspiracy to silence the mom and then school board member was kickstarted by a tax-funded No Place for Hate parent committee at the Northern Burlington Regional School District. This supposed unity-building committee has devolved into a tool for discrimination and censorship.

The No Place for Dissenters

Over 60 pages of emails have shed light on a disturbing culture of bullying among a group of staff and parents, including the Parent Teacher Student Connection president, Janice Sarcomo, Chesterfield School Board President and attorney Christina Hoggan, and the notorious Army Maj. Chris Schilling. Even more concerning is the apparent complicity of the high school principal, Sally Lopez, and school board member Radiah Gamble, who were copied on all the emails yet failed to intervene or distance themselves, suggesting their implicit approval of the unacceptable behavior.

The Plot and Conspiracy

The emails paint a disturbing picture of a group conspiring to take down a mother and board member with whom they disagreed, vowing to persist until their so-called “dangerous actions” were silenced.

These spin doctors crafted talking points and lists, plotting the downfall of the mom while flaunting their moral and intellectual superiority with no self-awareness.

It’s unbelievable they can’t see the irony: their actions and words directly contradict the very purpose of the program they purport to uphold – “No Place for Hate.” It’s a jaw-dropping display of hypocrisy, yet somehow, not surprising.

These chosen few delusionally see themselves as the voice of the masses, dictating what’s fit for young minds to absorb. They have crowned themselves as the education overlords, disregarding the intricate diversity of thoughts and views on the subject.

The real terror is the baseless labeling of supporters of age-appropriate material in elementary schools as “threatening to the school and community.”

And the cherry on top of this absurdity, Chris Schilling unleashes the ultimate weapon – the United States Military Commander. Because, when you have a disagreement over what 6 and 7-year-olds should learn, who wouldn’t call in the troops? It’s a laugh-out-loud and over-the-top display of excess, yet somehow, perfectly in line with the antics in New Jersey.

Beware, if your school or district has an anti-hate or DEI committee, you may be their next target. So, keep your wits about you and watch your back, because the “No Place for Hate” committee might be coming for you.

The Center for Garden State Families continues to pray for and support this brave mother, Angela Reading, in her action against the attacks on herself, her parental rights and authority, and her God-given constitutionally recognized First Amendment rights of free speech and the right to redress of grievances.