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Smells like Commie Spirit.

During the period right after the 9-11 terrorist attack, the battle cry was “If we lose our liberties, the terrorists have won.” Flash forward to the Covid-19 pandemic and there is no such cry. There is no one saying “If we lose our liberties, the virus has won”. That is because there is a significant component of the Office-Holding class that has no compunction at all about totally removing as many liberties as possible and replacing them with government dependency, layered thick with government coercion and surveillance – all under the most altruistic motivation possible of “keeping us safe”. After all, you can rationalize any action if those actions are “Keeping people safe”.

America has been traumatized by the sudden onset of this mysterious virus and has been shocked into taking rash actions that could lead to the downfall of this nation, both economically, socially and politically. Who would ever thought that a virus would cause a protracted lockdown of society, wreaking havoc on not only the economy but society itself.



This pandemic has allowed all the closet office-holding communist sympathizers to go full bore into dictatorial mode in ways that would make Fidel, Che and Mao impressed and amazed. Consider what is considered “essential services”: liquor and pot stores and abortion facilities, and what is to be shut down: churches, parks, beaches, gyms, stores, restaurants. Worst of all, these closet communists, like Governor Murphy (D-NJ) admit that the constitution is not even a consideration and they sic the police on pastors and church-goers, chase down joggers with (Chinese-made) drones, arrest Dads playing outdoors with their children, and surround solitary sun bathers with police squadrons. Anyone who assembles and protests can and have been arrested. Most reprehensible of all, commie sympathizers such as Mayors de Blasio (D-NYC) and Garcetti (D-Los Angeles) have exhorted neighbors to snitch on their fellow neighbors a la Cuba, and the old East Germany communist societies. This concept of turning neighbor against neighbor is one of most insidious forms of communist methodology – now in full flight in the US.

Note also that these same office holders are looking to prolong the crisis, downplay any positive news about potential COVID-19 treatments (can we call them Hydroxychloroquin “Deniers”?) in order to propagate despair and hopelessness among the general public. Like the old Bolsheviks, the closet communists seek not to collaborate with the current government to rather to “assassinate” the character, credibility, authority of the current leader – President Trump. This pandemic and the resultant media-generated panic has given these closet communist leaders a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remake America into a country without borders, individual rights, freedoms, religion and devoid of societal virtue. And they are making the most of it.

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