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Trenton Alert!

It’s “Gay” Pride month so the NJ Legislature is pandering to the homosexual-transgender lobby to get the millions needed to run THEIR races in the 40 legislative districts in NJ.…

S1238 Authorizes certain gestational carrier agreements.

The vote on S1238 didn’t happen Thursday! Please continue to contact your legislators. The next scheduled voting session is Monday, June 26. S1238 was on the schedule for bills to…

Trenton Legislative Update

On June 19, the New Jersey State Senate voted on a slew of bills as they prepare for the summer recess prior to their run for reelection in November. New…

Dangerous Transgender Education Vote in State Senate MONDAY

Monday June 19, 2017, the day after Father’s Day, the NJ State Senate has posted S3067 for a full vote of the members. (Sections of this bill are listed below).…