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Trenton Legislative Update

On June 19, the New Jersey State Senate voted on a slew of bills as they prepare for the summer recess prior to their run for reelection in November.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation. Our credit rating has been downgraded 11 times in the last eight years. New Jersey’s roads are a mess and yet the New Jersey legislature focuses on Hollywood agendas and LGBT rights.

The Center for Garden State Families informed you of S3067 which we dubbed “The Transgender Education Protection Act.” S3067, introduced by Sen. Teresa Ruiz and Sen. Joseph Vitale, mandated, enabled and promoted the mental illness of transgenderism, offering special protections for this dangerous behavior at the risk and denial of the freedoms and safety of all other students, faculty, and staff of the government schools.

S3067 passed 25 – 10. This passed with the help of Republican votes. As of this update the roll call vote has not yet been made available on the state legislative website. This will now go to the lower chamber.

The New Jersey legislature’s obsession with the LGBTQ agenda is a threat to the liberties and safety of everyone in the Garden State. The Center for Garden State Families believes it is the upcoming election for the Senators and the money that come from homosexual activists and their supporters that is driving these dangerous policy initiatives.

Other legislation that was voted on includes:

S3248-Provides Medicaid coverage for family planning services to individuals with incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. S3248 is a Planned Parenthood funding bill. This bill passed both houses. Call Governor Chris Christie and ask him to VETO this: 609-292-6000

S3302 –Makes FY 2018 supplemental appropriation of $7,453,000 to DOH for family planning services. S3302 is a Planned Parenthood funding bill. New Jersey has trouble meeting his fiscal responsibilities. Yet the New Jersey legislature seeks to subsidize the abortion industry with additional taxpayer dollars. This exact legislation has been attempted over and over again for the last eight years. Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed it each time. We pray he will do so again. This bill passed 25-13 with Republican votes. This will now go to the lower chamber.

Please check back later to view our scorecard page, (in development).

ALERT! S1238 Authorizes certain gestational carrier agreements. S1238 is the gay man’s baby maker. Homosexual men cannot create another human being in their sexual relationship. So when a homosexual man, single or in a relationship with another homosexual man, wants to become a parent they enter into an agreement with a woman to carry their baby. This is called Gestational Surrogacy. These agreements rent the womb of a woman at a price between $35,000 and upwards of $100,000 to carry someone else’s baby. The woman is compensated for all healthcare and is expected to surrender the baby she carries to the parties for which she carried the baby. In these circumstances, a child is deliberately brought into the world without the opposite sex parent. A homosexual relationship is not a relationship which any child should be brought into or raised. There are a host of other reasons why gestational surrogacy fails. It exploits poor women. No contractual agreement can deal with the emotional connections made with a woman who is pregnant and the baby she carries. These connections are chemical, the baby has a memory of the mother’s heartbeat, Oxytocin is the bonding hormone both baby and mother are bonded chemically to one another. This bonding happens in the womb.

The Center for Garden State Families opposes this legislation. S1238 is up for a vote of the full Senate this Thursday. Find your legislator here: .

For more information on the dangers and hazards of gestational surrogacy see The Center for Bioethics and Culture