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Worldview Matters!

Over the next several weeks we will present a series of articles each Wednesday regarding Worldview. Worldview shapes everything about our existence. Everything is touched by someone’s view of the…

Psych Evaluations on All Public School Students Grades 7-12

Assembly bill A970 “Students w/depression-public schools required to administer written screenings.” This bill has been heard twice before and did not pass. The sponsor who is the chairman, Dr Herb…

We suffer from The Plague of the Heart.

We have experienced horrific violence and great rift in our nation. We have seen increased pain in the lives of so many Americans. We suffer from The Plague of the…

Phil Murphy’s DOE mandates Anal Sex Education starting in 8th Grade

“On Wednesday, June 3rd the New Jersey State Board of Education approved new Student Learning Standards, a practice that occurs every five years. Typically these exercises are pro forma: Standards,…

Urgent Dangerous Vote On Murphy Bail Out Shell Game

Dangerous Vote on State Borrowing Shell Game Tomorrow, that Could Raise Your Property Taxes! Gov. Murphy has concocted a finance scheme to recuperate from his 12 week shutdown of the…