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Do You Know What’s Coming?

I have an urgent message for you about life. You may have noticed recently that the state of Ohio, the state where I grew up, and where I was born, just voted for a constitutional amendment for abortion up to the moment of birth! Unbelievable. Here in New Jersey, we have an activist governor and an activist legislature that wants to do the same thing. And they’ve done it through one piece of legislation after another. It is very reasonable for us to assume that the next thing they are going to do is introduce a constitutional amendment to make it a constitutional right to have an abortion here in the Garden State. Unfathomable, unthinkable, unconscionable, but that is what they are going to do. We are here to alert you that this is coming. Are you ready, like me, to be in this fight, to go into this battle to protect the life of the most precious and the most innocent and the most defenseless of all human beings’ little boys and girls, in the womb? We need your help!

Your tax-deductible donation will help us to continue to inform you about what’s happening in Trenton and Washington DC. The onslaught of attacks on our family values, our constitutional freedoms, and deeply held religious beliefs has never been more fierce than it is right now.

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Rev Gregory Quinlan