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July: Ex-Gay Pride Month

No one is born gay - no gay gene

You heard it here first. July 2023 is hereby declared the first national Ex-Gay Pride month.

What a perfect time to celebrate independence from disordered and debilitating same-sex attraction than July. If LGBTQ+ persons can have an entire month to celebrate not any discernable achievements, but rather their particular sexual dysphoria and announce to the world their plans to spread that mindset to children, then those, who have achieved by act of the will and often with the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, a re-ordering of their life according to God’s plan for men and women, also deserve a month in their honor.

We rightfully commend and respect the alcoholic who gets and stays sober. Likewise for the junkie who comes and stays clean. Why not do the same for those who reject sexual disorders and commit to redirecting their life to one of sexual propriety or purity? From a life of using, to one of loving. From a life prone to chaos to one of peace. It is time for those ex-gays, and they are legion, to step forward out of the shadows and obtain the recognition for their courage and commitment they deserve and to serve as an inspiration for others who seek the same lifestyle change.

It would be a watershed event if each July held an Ex-Gay national convention. Admittedly, it might be difficult to find a venue willing to host such an event. Maybe in Florida. But just imagine the wonderful information from such a gathering to conferees and mental health professionals. The sessions would be filled with inspirational testimonials of how lives were changed from one empty transient relationships to the other of true agape love and commitment. There would be research presentations about how the levels of alcohol, depression, and suicidality would be so much lower among the Ex-Gay population rather than the LGBTQ+ community. There would be late-breaking studies on the drop in sexually transmitted diseases and the associated morbidities among Ex-Gays, as well as the complete elimination of emergency room visits to repair ruptured rectums, excising anal warts, lifelong dependency on ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) for HIV or HPV – related oropharyngeal cancer the eighth most prevalent cancer in American males according to NIH.

There would be plenary sessions devoted to mental health care professionals willing to dispel the myths of the homosexual movement. Imagine the lively debates between those contending (religious) bigotry and intolerance to the source of all LGBTQ+ suffering and those with fact-based scientifically replicated rebuttals.

Indeed, there needs to be a counter-balance to an entire month of forced propaganda, parades, corporate seminars, etc. forcing one point of view that has resulted in so much disorder, destruction, sadness, anger, and misery (much to Satan’s delight). Who better to do that than ex-gays, those who against societal forces to embrace and revel in the gay lifestyle, made the courageous journey to lives of glorious personal redemption.

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