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Results of Dangerous Lame Duck Session and its NOT OVER

Where We Won

We Had a Victory! We opposed the bill for several reasons. But our primary concern was that it enabled human trafficking. The legislation as introduced actually penalized reporting modern day slavery with a fine of $10,000 and up to 18 months in prison. As we reported below and testified in the assembly committee the chairwoman told me during testimony that they would look into our complaint. As I testified in the Senate Transportation Committee on the same bill it’s legislation we were told by chairman Sen. Peter Deignan that that language which penalized reporting a crime was removed from the bill. The Bill as introduced had 46 pages after the committee and amendments (which the public did not get to see) the legislation ballooned to 56 pages. There remain serious safety concerns and constitutional issues regarding this legislation. Including the likelihood of the undocumented immigrant with a driver’s license registering to vote. Remember in New Jersey you don’t need ID to vote just an address.

S3229 Driver’s licenses & ID cards-creates 2 categories; MVC increase certain fees.

Signed into Law:

▪ The Senate substituted A-4743 for S-3229 for full vote, Dec. 16th.

▪ A-4743 passed NJ General Assembly, 42-30-5 on Dec. 16th.

▪ A-4743 passed the NJ Senate, 21-17 (2 not voting), on Dec. 16th.

▪ Governor Murphy signs A-4743 into Law, Dec. 19th.

▪ A major advertising campaign to inform the public of the law will begin, Summer 2020

▪ Undocumented aliens may apply for identification/licenses beginning 1/1/2021.


The vaccination battle continues to rage. Top left: Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens committee with packed standing room only crowd mostly in opposition to the stripping of parental rights and religious liberty. Top right: Standing in lobby of the State House Annex with scores ahead of us waiting to get into the hearing room. Middle Right: Mothers lining the hall to the Senate chambers before the vote. Bottom Right: More activists against the rape of First Amendment rights lining another hall in the State Capital complex.


The full Senate could not muster the necessary 21 votes for passage. Many Senators were amazed by the enormous crowd that gathered at the State House inside and out in the freezing cold both days for committee hearings and for the final Senate vote.

This is a VICTORY for now.

S2173 Student, mandatory immunizations-clarifies statutory exemptions

Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Removes Religious Exemptions mandating all minor children be vaccinated.

Why should this be a concern? Wouldn’t it be better if all our kids were protected? Not necessarily. Here are SOME of the problems:

  1. Immunizations have changed in scope, composition, frequency and dosage. Immunizations begin before the baby leaves the hospital. Too much, too soon, too frequent. There is substantial circumstantial evidence that correlates the rise in Autism, ADHD and other neurological issues including Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome.
  2. Many of these injections use agents that have known side effects. Some of the ingredients are morally reprehensible, such as Stem cells from aborted babies!
  3. Removal of a Religious Exemption will no doubt lead to even more government interference in families and ministries as they also want to make this mandatory in all Christian, private and parochial schools including day cares. Big Brother will definitely be watching!
  4. It won’t stop with the children. They are also trying to have compulsory immunization “boosters” for adults, claiming that they do not always last for a person’s entire life. They are considering tying them to your driver’s licenses so you won’t be able to drive if you haven’t had your shots.
  5. Giving in to this government mandate will give de facto permission to the government to require us to put other “things” into our body. Surrendering to this kind of Orwellian power to the government one has to ask the question: what else will the government require us to put into our bodies. We must resist any government mandate that gives them control over our bodies and are very person.
  6. Removing a religious exemption for immunizations is a thinly disguised attempt to remove ANY religious liberty that does not line up with popular thought and culture. If they can remove one religious exemption on the grounds of the supposed benefit to society, you can be sure that it won’t stop there! Even if you are not opposed to immunizations themselves, you should be concerned with where this will lead and how it will affect our beliefs and liberties.
  7. Immunizations are big business. Vaccines generate billions of dollars in revenue for drug companies as costs paid by the federal government — which purchases half of all the vaccines for the nation’s children — have risen 15-fold since 1986, The New York Times reported in 2015.

Annual immunization costs have gone from $100 per child in 1986 to $2,192 per child in 2015, the Times noted, citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Times described vaccination costs today as “soaring.” Vaccines accounted for $24 billion in profit for the pharmaceutical industry in 2015.

WE urge you to contact your Legislators and ask them to vote against S2173 and any attempt to remove a religious exemption for immunizations. Encourage your friends, family and church members to do the same.

The Center for Garden State Families opposes S2173 because it is a violation of the first amendment, violates parental rights, is scientifically challenged and more serious objective study must be performed again.

This is still the worst lame duck session we have seen in 25 years!


Where We Lost

Broke NJ gives $9.5 Million to Planned Parenthood under the guise of Family Planning

This a real Quid Pro Quo.

A5802/S4103 Family Planning Supplemental final vote

Sen. 12/16/2019 – 3RDG FINAL PASSAGE – Yes {25} No {15} Not Voting {0} – Roll Call

Asm. 11/25/2019 – 3RDG FINAL PASSAGE – Yes {49} No {21} Not Voting {9} Abstains {1} – Roll Call


UPDATE: SCR183 will be voted on by the full Senate at 1 o’clock.

SCR183 Cannabis, personal non-med. use by adults-propose constitutional amendment to legalize Senate Judiciary

Proposes constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis for personal, non medical use by adults who are age 21 years or older, subject to regulation by cannabis regulatory commission. For over a decade Sen. Nicholas Scutari has been pushing the legalization of recreational marijuana. Advocates for marijuana been citing the financial boom that will come to the state. States across the country who have legalized recreational marijuana have seen no net profit. See more.

The Center for Garden State Families supports medical marijuana. Marijuana is a drug. Cannabis should be treated as a drug, regulated as a pharmaceutical and should not be available for recreational use.

The Votes are below:

Sen. 12/16/2019 – TABLE MOTION – Yes {23} No {15} Not Voting {2} – Roll Call

Sen. 12/16/2019 – 3RDG FINAL PASSAGE – Yes {24} No {16} Not Voting {0} – Roll Call

Asm. 12/16/2019 – SUB FOR ACR840 – Yes {0} No {0} Not Voting {80} Abstains {0} – Voice Vote Passed

Asm. 12/16/2019 – 3RDG FINAL PASSAGE – Yes {49} No {24} Not Voting {6} Abstains {1} – Roll Call

The bill is in process to go to the ballot. Millions of dollars of pro-marijuana money will come into NJ to influence the vote for recreational marijuana.

Voting Rights for Convicted Persons released on parole or probation (A-5823 / S-4260)

Signed into Law
  • A-5823 passed the NJ Assembly on Nov. 25, 48-24-0
  • The Senate substituted A-5823 for S-4260 on Dec. 16
  • The NJ Senate passed A-5823, 22-17 on Dec. 16
  • Gov. Murphy signed A-5823 into Law on Dec. 18th (P.L. 2019, . 270)
  • A-5823 passed the NJ Assembly on Nov. 25, 48-24-0
  • The Senate substituted A-5823 for S-4260 on Dec. 16
  • The NJ Senate passed A-5823, 22-17 on Dec. 16
  • Gov. Murphy signed A-5823 into Law on Dec. 18th (P.L. 2019, . 270)

A-5823 removes existing prohibitions on voting by persons convicted of indictable offenses who are on parole or probation, and gives an estimated 80,000 such persons the right to vote in state, county and municipal elections.

Why we opposed this bill. WE are a Christian organization we believe in redemption. We agree a method should occur where voting rights are restored for those individuals who have COMPLETED their sentences. Probation is a part of an individuals sentence. This bill is the wrong way to restore a persons voting rights.

The Center for Garden State Families continues to urge you to call your state Senator and politely express your opinion on these anti-family bills.

You can obtain the names of your elected State Legislative representation by calling the Office of Legislative Services at 1-800-792-8630 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You will need to provide your town and zip code when calling.

You can also search for your legislators by looking up your municipality: Here

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