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Urgent Trenton UPDATE Votes Thursday 1-9-2020



▪The Democrat-controlled NJ Legislature is advancing its agenda to end religious protections during the final week of this 2-year session.

▪With little notice, unpublished amendments, and lots of skipped procedures intended to allow the citizens advance notice, bills are being posted for final votes before the Session ends January 14th

POSTED THURSDAY BEFORE THE FULL NJ SENATE is S-3804 / A-5508, dealing with medical insurance rules for the non-medical insurance payment for contraceptives, medications, devices and procedures. Since 2005 (and earlier), State Law has allowed religious employers (hospitals, churches, etc.) an exemption from rules which require an employer to provide medical insurance that pays for these things. THIS IS BEING ELIMINATED – which will force religious employers to violate their fundamental beliefs.

Why YOU Should Act NOW

You must understand that government is the only entity which can compel you to any action it wants, with the full force and effect of law, up to and including taking life. Keep that context in mind.

Historically, the State has respected religious beliefs; at present, the Democrat-controlled Legislature and governor are purposely seeking to repress and eliminate those protections – even as they accuse those who are religious of being “intolerant.” The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Each lost religious protection weakens all religious protection that has existed in New Jersey for 244 years as a “state” and since 1674 as a charter colony. We dislike using labels like political affiliation, but the FACT IS that it is the Democrat party that is pursuing this course, and it controls the NJ Assembly, NJ Senate, governorship and all executive agencies of the state, as well as the Courts.

THE SITUATION: This legislative session ends January 14th; any bills not passed by that date die. Only ONE DAY remains, and heavy pressure is being applied. Most campaign contribution money goes to the Democrat political party machine, which then funds individual candidates – so bucking that machine can make or break a candidate’s chances for re-election. (note: This is NOT how the Republican party works.)


Pray first! Immediately PHONE and EMAIL the Senators on the list below (you can cut-and-paste into your email program). Put the name of the leader in your “TO” field, put the other names in the “BCC” field, and BCC yourself (we’ve added our email to the bcc). Phone your clergy, pastor, minister, priest to bring this to their attention and ask whether they are concerned about this loss of religious liberty – or use the FORWARD button at top or bottom of this email alert to forward this to them.

The Email Lists

(Copy and paste into your email) Democrat Senators (all 25)




Express your support for the PRESENT law that allows religious exemption, and your OPPOSITION to S-3804 / A-5508, which would eliminate protections for Religious Beliefs. Use your social media resources to share this alert:

2) A-3926 - Student Screenings for Depression Data Collection

Continuing the Democrat-controlled push to eliminate parental involvement in State-ordered actions, Monday (1/6/20), the NJ Assembly Budget Committee released A-3926 / S2835. This bill, as amended, removes any parental opt-out from newly required “annual written screenings of every student in grades 7-12 for – at least – depression and for anxiety.” As the State increases its micro-management of our lives, this opens the door to many more forms of intrusive testing, assessment and screenings without parental notice or opt-out. An additional concern over the growing use of surveys is what will be asked, who determines the questions, and how will the information be used. While concerns for a student’s well being is always presented as justification, experience shows that once these intrusions are begun, they take on a life of their own.

In Assembly Budget Committee the only testimony offered on the bill outside of the Sponsor was against the bill. We were accused by Asw. Gabriella Mosquera D LD4 by barely veiled implication that those of us who opposed intrusive screening bill for host of reasons wanted to see more depression and suicides by public school students. We were denied our right to respond to ugly rant by the Chairman John Burzichelli.

View the videoof the committee hearing and see how Ms. Mosquera behaved

*Testimony on A3926 at 1:15 (one hour and fifteen minutes into the hearing).

*Mosquera began remarks at about 1:47.


  • A-3926: is ready for a full vote before the NJ Assembly;
  • S-2835: is pending before the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee which will be heard tomorrow 9:30AM State Senate Annex Committee room 4.

3) On Alert Standby: Mandatory Immunizations S-2173

At the time of this Alert, S-2173, Is not YET posted on Thursday’s vote list in the Democrat controlled Senate, but it could be posted at the last minute (to avoid protests) or on January 13th. If it gets posted, that likely means they have secured the necessary votes.

The above email list is applicable to every bill listed here.

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